Dogs are simply amazing. If you have had the pleasure of raising one of them before, you no doubt know how much they love to play around and have fun. The dog in the video below is not an exception. This precious pooch likes to bounce. And that is exactly what he did when a car pulled up in front of him and started playing a very funky tune.

When the precious dog heard the melody, he just couldn’t help himself from moving. His reaction is going to make your day for sure. The stray dog entertained not only the people inside the car, but his awesome dance moves have brought a smile to over six million people online.

This was not a trick or anything as such – it’s just a neighborhood dog enjoying the music to the fullest. You are going to be floored when you see this for yourself! Who wouldn’t love partying with this little pupper!

Watch this adorable pooch in the video below. Have you seen anything like it before? Feel free to share what you thought about the clip in the comments section!

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