Animals in the wild always focus on finding food. It is usually their main priority. Every species has its own diet. Bears are usually omnivorous creatures, and they don’t mind switching between meat or fish with grass or berries. Bears are also known to forage in dumpsters and trash cans to find any kind of food. While it is a great strategy to help them survive, sometimes they can end up in bad situations.
The poor bear in this video must have been searching for food when he put his head inside a bucket. He might have easily gone in, but it was hard for him to free his head. His head was stuck, and he kept walking around with a bucket on his head.

Now this was a pretty sticky situation for the people who had seen him. They wanted to help, but getting close to an agitated bear I very dangerous. It was quite an effort to chase him down, but they finally did. Once they secured him, they cut apart the bucket.

Once he was freed, the bear ran away. He might have been quite agitated, but it was a good thing that he didn’t take it out on any of his rescuers.

Check out this incredible rescue:

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