There is nothing more precious than the friendship you have with your dog. They are the most loyal friends you will ever have in your life, and will always be by your side. Children who grow up with dogs can learn a lot from them, especially how to be affectionate and loyal to the ones you love. Dogs are really good with children, and the Labrador in this video is a perfect example.

Joshua is best friends with Toby, the Labrador. Toby is a gentle giant, and is really well-behaved around Joshua. Their dad decided to film them having an adventure together, and the end result is so precious.


These two were out in the garden together, and they couldn’t leave each other’s side. Toby was very patient while little Joshua explored his surroundings. He didn’t mind when Joshua did all sorts of things with him, from putting grass on his head to using him as a little makeshift bed!


Their dad put a wonderful song over the pair’s video together, and it makes everything look even more precious. From their closeness, you can tell that they will be even closer as they grow up. Joshua is a lucky boy to have a friend like Toby by his side, don’t you agree?

Check out these adorable pair below:

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