Peacocks are known as one of the most beautiful birds on the entire planet. Their stunning feathers are a sight for sore eyes, aren’t they? These gorgeous birds are known for their colorful iridescent plumage, however, some of them are quite different. A genetic mutation called “leucism”, forces some of them to suffer from a complete lack of color in their feathers.

But as you will soon see in the video below, these leucistic birds are as exquisite as their colorful equivalents. The clip features a very beautiful Indian peacock. The leucistic bird’s dance is going to catch your attention in less than a second for sure!

According to the man who posted this on Youtube, the peacock started showing himself when found out that he was being filmed. Peacocks normally do this sort of dance to draw and attract possible mates, however, this little guy seems like he just loves putting on a good show for everyone!

Check out this magnificent white peacock in the video below! Have you seen anything like it before? Don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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