It’s always an incredible experience to witness nature form up close. Seeing flocks of birds migrating to warmer climates in the winter, and seeing flowers blossoming in the spring—it makes us feel so close to nature. There are some other incredible natural phenomena as well, including the annual gathering of brown bears at Alaska’s McNeil River State Game Sanctuary.

Bears gather there every year between June and August to feast on salmon. A handful of people are allowed to observe these bears and allowed to take their photographs. Drew Hamilton had come to watch this majestic sight, but he ended up getting more than he bargained for.

A brown bear came right up to his spot and admired the view while sitting right next to Hamilton!


He just sat there and relaxed for a bit. He even let out a yawn! Hamilton filmed the extraordinary encounter. He did get a little scared when the bear was about to leave, but no harm was done.

Check out their close encounter below:

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