Music is such a universal language. It doesn’t matter where you’re from—you will always enjoy good music anywhere you go. It is a wonderful way to connect to people, and bridge gaps between cultures as well. Even animals tend to get in on the fun! Whales are known to “sing” in a particular way, and don’t even get started on birds!

The pooch in this video also had a great sense of appreciation for good music. Ziggy Trixx, better known as just Ziggy, is a sweet pit bull. He loves doing all things that regular dogs do, but he also has a taste for some funky beats! Every time dad plays out a certain rhythm, Ziggy goes absolutely crazy!


He comes running to the source of the music, and then happily starts spinning around, running around and even jumping with excitement!


Perhaps that is his unique way of dancing, and it doesn’t get any more adorable than that! He looks so happy, and you can’t help but be happy with him!

Check out this incredible dancing dog below:

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